OGM (Ogg-based multimedia files) tools

Here are some commandline tools focused on Ogg-based multimedia files (.ogg/.ogm files).
Those tools are inspired by the ogmtools developped by Moritz Bunkus.
For more information on ogmtools, you can visit www.bunkus.org.

Previous versions of those tools would use VirtualDub routines (for reading/writing AVI files), but that is no longer the case (the code was completely rewritten).
VirtualDub Copyright (C) 1998-2010 Avery Lee
For more information on VirtualDub, you can visit www.virtualdub.org.

Those programs need ogg.dll and vorbis.dll to be installed on your system (either in the same directory, or in your Windows' System directory).
You may find latest version of those libraries in the Ogg Vorbis SDK. For more information on Ogg format and Ogg Vorbis SDK, see www.xiph.org.

Those programs are free softwares (see the COPYING file - included in each tool - or the online GPL/QPL licenses).
Anyone may copy and use those programs free of charge.
If you plan to use parts (or everything) of those programs for selling, please contribute to the development of free softwares and donate part of your profit to the Free Software Fundation or some other free software development projects.

Warranty :

Here is a short description of each tool (you may find more information in the text files that come with the tool, or in the FAQ) :

Those tools are not perfect (far from it) and may not always make what you expected them to do, so please bear with it.

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